Business is Booming

Here we were at the start of 2013:



Here we are now, just about 1 year later! Sales in 40 states! Wow! (Not to mention many more international sales, like Australia and Tahiti, just to name a few!




It’s been a while since I’ve posted any news, but things have been quite crazy lately! I got a new position teaching art, and packed up and moved 3 hours away (closer to my hometown). This past summer I also got engaged! Between the new job, new place to live, and a wedding to plan, it’s been busy!

I am excited to announce, however, that my products are available in some retail locations, hopefully with more to come!

Exhibit A
5901 N. Prospect Road
Peoria, Illinois 61614

Marinus Home
19470 Viking Avenue NW, Suite #202A
Poulsbo, WA 98370
(617) 410-6639

Summer Shows

Hey there. I’ve been quite busy already this summer, traveling, working on books for my etsy shop, and finally catching up on some organizing in my home office/studio space! I’m excited to tell you about a show I’ll be participating in this summer here in Peoria, out at Junction City.

I will be selling my books on the Fridays in June and hopefully July as well. Hope you can come check it out, it looks to be like a fun event!




Portrait Shoot with Sally

My students always gape in horror when they learn that I don’t watch t.v. “But what do you DO all the time?” They ask.

My business selling my art takes up some of my free time, as a spend time working on my online store, and of course, making my books, painting commissions, etc. I try to keep myself busy making my own art, reading, and other fun things.
This summer I decided to work on two areas in art I have not really done, one of which being portrait photography.

Sure, I’ve done plenty of photography before, travel, landscapes, architecture, but not really of people. My friend Sally was my first model, and it worked out perfectly because I got a beautiful woman willing to pose for me while I fiddled and messed with my camera settings as we went, and she had been kind of wanting some maternity photos. Viola, perfect.

We went to a few different locations and I’m SO excited about the great spots I was able to scout. I narrowed down my favs and did just a wee bit of editing ( I’m no photoshop wiz just yet). Some shots are still better than others, but I’m still very pleased with how everything went!

Here are my absolute favorites of the favorites:(click to view larger)

This just in…

So today, this happened:

2012-03-19 001 001

I won the HOI 19/CEFCU  One Class At A Time grant for 1,000 dollars to spend on the art program! I’m SO excited about all the possibilities for things I can do with this money!

See the news story here

After winning the Container Store Organized Teacher contest this past summer for $1000 of Container Store products to organize the art room, winning this second grant this year is MORE than a dream come true. I still can’t believe it!

Thank you HOI 19!

In Review

2012 has come to a close, and it has been a great year for my business. I started a new line of books to include leather and suede covers, tested the waters more at art shows and events, and finished out the year with a great Christmas season.

I wanted to take a look and see where I’ve sold to since the inception of selling online, just for fun. It seems I’m always sending a package to a new state. So I found a map, went through my sales history, and here we are!
 26 states, and three countries outside the US (Australia, Denmark, and France) all occupy owners of my books or artwork. Obviously there are lots of repeat states, but it was still fun to see. Maybe one day I’ll have customers in all 50 states!


Upcoming show

Hello! I’m going to be at a show coming up here soon taking place in Delavan, IL!

Touches of Autumn Craft and Country Fair will be Saturday Sept 29th from 9-3, with a rain date of Sunday the 30th. The location is on C Street in Delavan (close to the Lutheran Church)

You will find my handbound books and ceramics along with many other kinds of items, including Scentsy, 31 bags, handmade jewelry, cards, hairbows, yard ornaments, wreaths, scarves, crochet childrens hats, felted wool items, and more– even pumpkins straight off a Delavan farm!


Books and business.

Since getting the ball rolling with the leather for the business, I’ve been focusing on making all kind of leather bound goodies. Small, large, vintage buttons, leather tie wraps. There was a lot of great reaction at the market to the leather books, which was encouraging. That market is a lot of work though! I’ve been very on the fence about continuing the market/craft vendor avenue…part of me says dive all in and get a tent and start hitting the circuit a little harder, part of me says it’s crazy and I’ll be way too busy once the school year starts back up again. Anywho, heres a peek at some new product- alot of it is all up in the etsy shop. =)


I hope to get back into painting ( a pair of shoes, actually…but more on that later perhaps) but lately things have been busy working the summer school classes at Illinois Central College. I now have a few days off before an out of town trip, and I look forward to spending it in the studio. I’ve started to forget what it feels like to loose myself in an art project that is just for me.

Summertime is always busier than I anticipate. School may be out, and I may be on break but I’m still working a summer job and running a business. Don’t even get me started on how many lesson ideas I’ve been collecting through pinterest and teacher blogs. An artist/ teachers work is never done…